V8 - Stimulant (Party Pills)

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V8 – Stimulant
V8 is used as strong formula that fuels your mind and energy level and intensifies the whole experience. Fast lane contains all natural blend of herbs that are helpful to get more energy.

Each bottle contain 12 pills

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fastlaneWhat about the legality?
Yes! The pills are completely illegal as they contains any illegal drugs and are used from centuries for such application. The pills are totally formulated with such herbs that they are shipped worldwide and are completely effective.

Why should I opt to take these pills only?
As there are other illegal pills available in the market but these pills are completely made from herbs which can be used by those who intake illegal and harmful product. This can also be taken by those who wants to boost up their energy.

DO hey have any kind of side effect?
 No till date we have not experienced any kind of side effect but if you find headache, nausea  or any other such like problems then you must stop the pills. If you are allergic to some ingredients that are present in the pills then you should avoid the pills. In case you are already taking some prescription drugs then you must consult your doctor first.

How do I take them?
You should atleast one pill per day.

What are the ingredients?
Each capsule contains: DMAA, Camellia sinensis (natural caffeine), Passion flower, Epimedium, and piperine.

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“...I love to take Fastlane before a night on the town, im energized and have the ability to socilaize easier, dance harder and generally have a better time. Whats more is I dont have any negitave sideeffects or handover...”

-- Nathan Canada (24)