St John's wort - SJW - Anti Depressant

St. Johns Wort
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St. john wort – anti depressing pills
St John’s Wort has been significantly used in past due to its anti depressing property. It has been used as magical herbs, for protection qualities.
It is mainly used in increasing mood and is effective for mood-swings. However it is most effective in case of severe depression and is mainly meant to remove depression.

Each bottle contains 90 pills (take 1 2 per day)

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How much should I take it daily?

You should take atleast 1-2 pills on daily basis and you will find immediate effect after 1 our of taking the pills. The pills  should be taken under a medical practitioner and the above dosage is used by those person who have mild depression.

How do the SJW pills works?
The pills are mainly anti depression activity. They increase the levels of beneficial of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. The effect in the pills are due to photosensitizing activity. Now when such things lessen in the body the effects of depression increases. The pills acts against the effect of such neurotransmitter and helps  you to get away from depression.

What other benefit can I get?

The pills are mainly meant for activity which acts against number of gram positive and negative bacteria which includes many which affect the mental thinking. It also has some kind of anti inflammatory activity, which helps to boost mood and improves wound healing.

What about the side effects?
The main side effect which can be seen through the pills are over sensitivity due to light. The pills should be avoided in case if you are taking some other prescription drugs such like anti contraceptive pills. If you are about to become pregnant then you should avoid taking the pills as they might get some kind of side effects.

What do the pills contain?

Each capsule contains St Johns Wort 20:1 extract, Standardized 0.3% Hypericin (equivalent to 6000mg dried herb).

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“...This product has helped me over come my deprssion, without the bad sideeffects like the pills my doctor initally supplied me. Its good to know that there is a natural cure that works better than prescription medicines...”

-- Joe Texas (26)