Miracle White - Teeth whitening pen

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Miracle white- tooth whitening pen
The miracle white pen is mainly concerned with professional who wants to have their teeth white. Its quite safer and adorable and very much cheaper.
They works by bleaching the stains on the teeth. You need to apply the pen on your teeth and you will find the effect after 60 minutes as they help you go get away stains.

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How many times do I need to use it?
The pen should be used once in a day and you will find effect after every use of every application. Once pen can be used for 25 times to see better result. If you have more stains on your teeth then you should use it for atleast 2 times a day.

What are the ingredients?
The active ingredients of the Miracle gel, work to quickly bleach stains on teeth, effectively and safely, and contains: Water, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, NaOH, Peppermint Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide (12%).

How to use the pen?
 Its very easy to use.

  1. Expel the pen and then apply it on your teeth.
  2. Apply thin layer of miracle gel on your teeth and on the effected parts.
  3. Allow the pen to dry for around 1 minute.

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“...Both easy to use and effective. I had bad staining due to years of neglect. The Miracle white has whitened them up and now my husband doesnt get grossed out kissing me. Also im nolonger afraid to smile in public...”

-- Sally US (31)