Mello Man - Relaxant (Party Pills)

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Mello man- relexant
This is mainly meant for man who wants to have relaxation after a ling stress or those who wants to have relaxation  after long work out. It is completely away from every harmful chemicals and is completely made from mixture of herbal blends.

Each bottle contain 12 pills

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melloman relaxant party pillsAre the pills completely legal?
Yes! Although the pills contains opium but it is mainly made through herbs and they are completely safe and are always concerned as legal. We have wide quality to ship them world wide and are totally effective.

Why to take the MelloMan pills?
Although the pills are mainly made from herbs so they are completely made from herbs so that those who take illegal drugs can use them as the do not have any bad effect on body are completely legal.

What about the side effects?
We have not seen any side effect till date but still there are in rarer cases effects such like headache, nausea but if you find some adverse effect through them then you should stop taking them. The pills should not be taken by those who are pregenant, ingredients which are allergic to ingredients in the pills as this might cause some serious problems. If you have another health concerns then you should take them under any medical supervision.

How to do I take them?
Take one of couple of pills on daily basis.

What are the ingredients?
Each capsule contains: Wild lettuce extract, Valerian extract, Scull cap extract, Passion flower extract, Withania somnifera extract,Piper nigrum extract.

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“...After a hard days work, I like to take a mello man pill to wind down with. It helps me to relax very nicely. And gives me a pleasant body stone, without the groggy feeling assioated with prescription pills...”

-- Brad USA (32)