Hardman - Erectile function

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Hardman- Erectile dysfunction
It’s a completely blend of natural blend used for erectile dysfunction in men. The herbs helped to get boost in the erection of penis. The herbs are mostly responsible for increasing the sperm quality and the quantity giving out more satisfaction. Taking 1-2 pills an hour before having sex increases sexual duration. The effect is likely to be for 24 hours. Its highly recommended to not increase the pills more than 4 within a duration of 24 hours.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules (take 1 - 2 before sex)

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Hardman tongkat aliWhat is the normal dose?
You should take 1-2 pills before having sex. The pills should be taken 1 hour before having sex. It will help you increase sexual performance and achieve erection.

What about the side effect?

If you intake the dose as the recommended and do not exceed them then you will not experience any kind of side effect. In rarer case we have observed some side effects such as nausea, problem in vision or sleepier. In case you observe any adverse side effect then you should immediately stop taking them and consult a doctor. If you have some serious health concerns such like you have been a patient of cancer, heart or any such then you must see your doctor before starting the dose.

With the dose will I experience the erection the whole day?
NO! You will only have erection only when you are sexually aroused. If the erection prevails for the whole day then you should immediately consult the doctor.

What are the ingredients?
Each Hard Man capsule contains a whooping 500mg 100:1 extract:
  • Tongkat ali
100:1 is the most powerful extract strength available. 100kg of herb, is used to make to 1kg of extract.

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“…I love this Hardman, not only has it boosted my erections, but also gives me the stamina to go several times per night. Also the pleasure from sex has increased greatly, and both me and my wife think it’s a fantastic product…”

-- Alex - U.S.A (39)