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Allure perfume- attract men
Bed Hero Pheromone Perfume are mainly used by women around the world for attracting men and to get them more crazy and over sexed phero – blend. This formula is will get splashed when you walk and the opposite sex will observe lustful yearnings.
It is mainly meant for youthful, healthy and looking very much sexier. It mainly helps you get sensual appeals and also encourages other people to treat you with kindness all the time you meet them.

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men attractant perfumeWhat does this perfume do?
The Pheromone contained in the perfume have been scientifically made through human attracting things that have been proved very much useful for attracting opposite sex. The same kind of scent is used by animals which can attract others, the same thing is possessed by human which can attract the opposite sex.

Will the perfume get more sex partner?
Absolutely! The perfumes contains pheromones that will help you to attract other sex easily and you wil get more and more positive feedback from all the attendants.

How to apply it?
You should apply 1 to 2 dabs on your clothes

What kind of ingredients do it have?
The ingredients contained in the perfume are Estratetraenol , androstenone, and copulins mixed with perfume.

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“...When I wear this my hasband acts very differently, hes nicer and makes sexual advances, which he would usually never do. Also at work, Im getting the attention that only the hot chicks would get. Truly amazing stuff and smells great...”

-- Gretta France